two new 100w pd fast chargers

Introducing Two New 100W PD Fast Chargers from Topvork

The newest release from Topvork is a 100W PD 2-port USB-C wall charger that’s crammed with the latest in charging technology. It will elevate your charging experience to a new level. Its 100W PD output allows for boosted charging speeds that’ll take a MacBook Pro to 50% in just 45 minutes.

Even when two devices are connected, it still outputs 45W per port, giving you enough power to simultaneously charge 2 laptops, tablets, or smartphones. In addition to this, the charger also comes with a 2m E-mark USB-C cable for charging up to 100W.

The other charger Topvork is releasing is also a 100W PD 2-port charger, but in addition to the USB-C power delivery, it also features 18W Quick Charge via USB-A. When both ports are in use, the USB-C output delivers 65W of power, maintaining a high enough to power a MacBook Pro.

Fast Chargers from Topvork

GaN: What is it?

Using state-of-the-art gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductors to deliver power to your devices provides:

  • Optimum charging efficiency.
  • Meaningless energy is lost through heat.
  • Maximizing power transfer to your devices.

In some sectors of the charging industry, GaN is replacing silicon as the primary component of semiconductors. In short, this is because GaN is better at transferring electrical current, and thus fewer components are needed, which means chargers can be made smaller too.

T-Fusion Charging Technology

Both chargers utilize Topvork’s in-house developed T-Fusion technology, ensuring optimum charging efficiency from the available power by intelligently allocating power based on each device’s energy requirements and battery status.

This means you can always be sure your devices are getting charged in the shortest time possible based on the configuration of connected devices.

T-Fusion also ensures that devices are charged safely by constantly monitoring the charger’s activity and safeguarding against overheating, power surges, and overcharging to ensure total peace of mind with every use.

Features of the Topvork 100W PD 2-port USB-C wall charger:

  • 100W USB-C power delivery charging
  • Charges a MacBook Pro 16” to 50% in just 45 mins
  • Dual 45W PD simultaneous charging
  • Supports PD 3.0 & PPS charging protocols
  • 25% smaller with folding prongs
  • 2-meter E-mark USB-C cable

Features of the Topvork 100W PD + QC 2-port USB-C wall charger:

  • 100W USB-C power delivery 
  • 18W Quick Charge (QC)
  • 65W PD + 18W QC simultaneous charging
  • Supports PD 3.0/PPS/QC 4.0 charging protocols
  • 25% smaller with folding prongs

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