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Two New 60W 6-Port Desktop Chargers from Topvork

If you’re like me, you’ve got several devices, each with their charger constantly fighting for space on the power strip, along with a cluttered desktop of cables and charging bricks. Topvork’s new duo of 6-port desktop chargers allows you to reclaim the sockets on your power strip, de-clutter your desktop, and give all the power you need to get your devices full of juice again. 

First up is the Topvork Pace, which features six USB-A charging ports (60W Max.), allowing you to charge multiple devices at up to 2.5x the charging speed of standard 5V/1A (5W) chargers. The Topvork Pace is the ideal charger if you have many devices to charge that don’t require specific fast-charging protocols, such as PD, QC, or PPS. For that, look to our next charger.

The Topvork Sprint features all the latest charging protocols, including 18W Quick-Charge and 30W PD USB-C charging options and four USB-A charging ports that share a combined total of 30W Max. This makes it a very versatile and hassle-free charger capable of charging all your devices at increased charging speeds. In addition to its 30W PD output, the USB-C port supports 25W PPS charging for a combined 60W Max.

T-Fusion Charging Technology

Both chargers utilize Topvork’s in-house developed T-Fusion technology, ensuring maximum charging efficiency from the available power by intelligently allocating power based on each device’s energy requirements and battery status. This means you can always be sure your devices are getting charged in the shortest time possible based on the configuration of connected devices.

T-Fusion also ensures that devices are charged safely by constantly monitoring the charger’s activity and safeguarding your devices from power surges and overcharging.

Features of the Topvork Pace 6-port Desktop Charger:

  • Simultaneously charge 6 devices (60W Max.)
  • Latest T-Fusion technology
  • 100-240V compatible for global use
  • All-round safety with surge protection
  • Convenient extra-long AC input cable
  • Indicator light confirms charger is ready for use
  • Compact 6-port charging station
Topvork Pace 6-port Desktop Charger

Features of the Topvork Sprint 6-port Desktop Charger:

  • 30W PD USB-C port
  • 18W Quick-Charge USB-A port
  • Supports 25W PPS charging
  • Latest T-Fusion technology
  • 100-240V compatible for global use
  • All-round safety with surge protection
  • Compact 6-port charging station
Topvork Sprint 6-port Desktop Charger

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